Gabriel McCauley

is an American film director, writer and actor who tells powerful stories with a purpose.  He creates film that not only moves an audience to watch good characters become great…but film that challenges the viewer to do the same.  Gabriel’s unique approach to the screen combines off-beat comedic twists with dramatic moments that truly imitate the nature of life itself.  He has also developed an understanding that in order to create great characters he must in turn live his own life as if he were one of the heroes that he loves to write about.   A multi-talented personality with integrity…and character.

Gabriel has directed over 4 seasons of Network Television (The Joey+Rory Show), hundreds of commercials, music videos and the feature film, (Heaven Bound).  Gabriel was Second Unit Director on the civil war film, (Josephine) and is also an experienced shooter and actor.  He is currently the host of the series “Reconnecting Roots” set for release the summer of 2018.